Living below the line

This week Neil and I have joined in the challenge to live below the poverty line. We have £1 each per day to pay for all our food and drinks. Not easy! Gone are fresh meat and veg, coffee, Fairtrade products and in are cheap tea bags, fozen sausages and lots of cheap carbs!

Our Shopping list is detailed below along with our menu for the week. If you would like to encourage us then vist the following lik to leave acomment or to sponsor us in adi of one of our favouraite charities Christian Aid:

Shopping List:

Rice £0.40
Passata x2 £0.58
Eggs £0.95
Tea Bags £0.14 – don’t need whole box!
Milk £0.89
Sausages £1.00
Cuppa Soup £0.48 
White Bread £0.47
Brown Bread £0.47
Marg £1 – bargain at Tescos meant I could get some Clover!!!
Sugar £0.25
Flour £0.40
Sweetcorn £0.40
tatties £1.00
Onions £0.28 – bought 1 big rather than 2 smaller
Baked Beans £0.30
Stock Cubes x5 £0.05
Ready packed veg fresh £0.50 – picked up a bargain in reduced isle – frozen to keep edible!
Tin kidney beans – £0.19
Cheese slices – £0.12
Fresh chillies – £0.06 – bargain in reduced isle
Pastry Slices – £0.12 – bargain in reduced isle – frozen to keep edible
Jam £0.29
Condiments allowance (salt & pepper etc.) £0.06
Grand total £10.00


Breakfast each day – 2 slices of toast with marg or jam
Lunch each day – cuppa soup and egg sandwich or just 2 slices bread
Monday Dinner – Veg & Sausage Risotto
Tuesday – Sausage, beans and chips
Weds – Baked potato, pastry slice & sweetcorn
Thursday – Veg & Sausage Risotto
Friday – homemade pizza
Treats – may be able to make scones mid-week but will depend on sugar situation!

Whilst this is a challenge for Neil and I that lasts for just 5 days we have not lost sight of the fact that for many this is what they face each and every day. It is a very humbling thing to be aware of.


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