Lent Reflections

If you ever thought a Bible study group wasn’t for you – think again!

When some folks asked Morris, our locum minister, if he would start up ‘some kind of Bible Study group’, I don’t think they realised just how popular it would be. It ran weekly over the 40 days of lent, using a study booklet called ‘The Beatitudes’ – sometimes known as ‘The Sermon on the Mount’ (Blessed are the poor in spirit….and so on).

Well around fifteen of us met regularly every week, with another five or so dipping in and out! We were encouraged to use the booklet every day on our own, which took us through the routine of ‘READ, REFLECT, PRAY and ACT’ – reading a given passage, reflecting on it with a bit of guidance from the booklet, writing down our thoughts, a bit of prayer and something to do based on what each reflection had been about.

When we met together as a group, Morris would lead us in discussion. It was great! Nobody was under any pressure to talk if they didn’t want to. Folks shared what they thought and felt about the passage and on how it related to our every day lives in the world today. We always finished with a cuppa and chat and left looking forward to the next one! But don’t just take my word for it – here’s what some of the group had to say about it.

“I feel very appreciative and grateful to Morris for leading us through the week of Lent Reflections on the Beatitudes. I have found some issues quite challenging on a personal level, but the group has felt like a safe place to explore these. And it’s not all heavy — there’s a lot of laughter of course, with Morris.”

‘Guided by Morris, we enjoyed looking at the Beatitudes, one by one, in a concentrated way. It was enjoyable, enlightening and stress free.’

“I enjoyed the Lent Reflections Group. It really made me think. I realised I had got out of the habit of setting time aside to just ‘be with God’ – and this has made me want to. Thanks everyone.”

“Learning, laughter and love, under the excellent leadership of the Rev Morris is my experience of our weekly reflections based on the Beatitudes, with the group adding such interesting experiences and viewpoints.”

“The Lent Group has given me a wonderful opportunity to meditate on the character of Jesus and to allow some of the things he taught to deeply search my own heart. It has caused me to reconsider what he might expect of His church in the 21st century.”

“Very friendly, very relaxed, very informative and I enjoyed it very much.”

“Got me reading my Bible again. Finally, I get the Holy Trinity! Something I’ve always struggled with. Good discussion about many things.”

“Many thanks to Rev Morris for leading us through an enlightening and interesting series of thought provoking Lent Reflections, from which I am sure we all benefited, both spiritually and otherwise.”

The good news is, there is talk of another series of reflections starting later on in the year! It would be great to see you there. No matter if you’re a first-timer or an old-timer, you will be made very welcome!