SERVICES: Unless otherwise stated below, Services are every Sunday

Craigellachie Church – 09.45am   Aberlour Parish Church – 11.15am

Worship will be led by Rev Morris Smith.      All welcome.


Monday 11th March: Session Meeting at 7.30pm – Craigellachie Church.

Wednesday 13th March: Lent Reflections – Every Wednesday at 2pm in Aberlour Parish Church until 3rd April, then last session on Tuesday 9th April – Reflection on the Beatitudes, followed by a short time of prayer. These sessions will be led by Rev. Morris Smith and all are welcome.

Thursday 14th March: Guild AGM & Floral Demonstration at 2pm – Aberlour Parish Church.

Sunday 17th March: Sunday School Home-Bakes Sale We are currently raising funds for our summer trip to the Highland Wildlife Park and will have a home-bakes sale before and after the service at Aberlour Church. We appreciate your support and hope you enjoy a wee treat too! Thanks.


Pennies Jar – Each of our churches has a jar at the back for collecting small change in. Please consider bringing along those pesky wee coins that take up room in your pockets and purses and let us use them wisely.

Easy Fundraising – You can give to the church each time you shop online! Simple and easy to register and then shop away! For details see: