Renovation of Aberlour Church

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Following the sale of the Parish Hall a few years ago the proceeds of the sale are now being reinvested into the fabric of the church building. On completion the work we will have a new kitchen fully kitted out will all mod cons, a suit of toilet facilities, a new lighting & sound system, new flooring, better storage, new decoration, a meeting room – this really is a total transformation. Hopefully these photographs tell the story of the renovation to date.

The pews although removed have been put to good use and the wood from them used to create the panelling on the walls of the kitchen on the exterior – i.e. church side. The walls which perhaps are the biggest change have been insulated and plastered. This is a dramatic change from the bare stonework that was there. But it does mean we have a fully insulated building and therefore more efficient as well as being greener.

Seatinh will be in the form of comfortable chairs – which we already used as some pews had been removed a number of years ago. More chairs have been ordered – although these will be stored in a cupboard at the rear of the church for use as and when needed. These are a high quality folding chair.

We have increased the lighting in the church with the addition of wall uplighters between the windows. There will also be additional lighting in the apse in order that we can bring out its beautiful character. Two sets of stage lighting are also being installed above the balcony – enabling us to create diffeing lighting effects.

A new improved sound system is also being installed. This is of concert quality with a mixing desk that will be sited in the balcony. The purchase of a wireless projector will further enhance the opportunities for multi media use. One further innovative addition is a dome camera which will enable us to record services – this will be especially nice for weddings and baptisms as it will be inobtrusive.

The colour scheme chosen by the ‘Colour’ Group will it is hoped bring our the pink hues of the granite in the apse – pink on the walls, white for the cornicing and a deep blue on the ceiling. The ceiling colour will also give the illusion of a lower ceiling height and add to the cosy feeling of the building. The marmoleum flooring will bring together all these colours and also provide a sturdy flooring that will last many many years.

Where possible we have retained the tradition feel of the building, for example the radiators and the wooden panelling in the toilet wing.

The kitchen that is being fitted is a high quality one which will enable us to cater for small church functions. It is not a full professional kitchen as it was felt we did not require this as other halls in the village were kitted out for larger functions and that we should support them rather than compete.

The kitchen is fitted in under the balcony at one side – one the other side moveable partition walls are being fitted which will enable us to close off a space for small meetings. On a Sunday morning this space will provide a lovely space for coffees after the service and a ‘shop’ for our Tradcraft stall.

A creche corner is to be provided – equiped with colourful furniture and storage for suitable toys. We feel it is important that small children are not shut away from their parents. Our experience shows that allowing the smaller children free access to their parents is much less stressful for the children, parents and creche volunteers.

There are also new front and rear doors to be fitted and a redecoration of all the walls and ceilings through out the building. Work began in October 2011 and it is anticipated will be complete by the end of February 2012.

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