After parking at the harbour, we set off by heading back into the village and
climbed some steps to join the footpath leading to Barbank Street, which
gave us a fine view of the harbour and the many buildings surrounding it.
There were a few drops of rain and a chilly breeze, so it was jackets on, but
after leaving the village the sun came out and the waterproofs were promptly
put back into our bags.

We hugged the dramatic and rugged coastline from Portsoy to Sandend, passing
an outdoor swimming pool; a disused rifle range; nesting seabirds; pill
boxes and various other war time defences. We walked on roads, grassed
footpaths, farm tracks, gorse-lined paths and along the sandy seashore at

There are lots of walking paths around Portsoy and in several places on our
walk we came across empty milk cartons which had been tied to fences.   These empty milk cartons had a hole cut in the side and were filled with dog poo bags – a very useful reminder for those with dogs to pick up their doggie

After a picnic lunch at Sandend, it was back along the beach to the steps,
through the gorse and on to join the farmland tracks back into Portsoy.

The 3 dogs who joined us, also loved their run around on the beach too. 

Brenda Cooper