Below is the list of project bids in the participatory budgeting event. You can pick up a voting form from Gammacks in Aberlour or Craigellachie Filling Station.

Make sure you return your vote by Thursday 26th November 2020. Voting instructions are on the back of the ballot paper.


Many thanks to Craigellachie Filling Station and Gammack’s for hosting ballot boxes.


In these uncertain times it is understandable that some are reluctant to attend a church service in person. Yet it is often the most at-risk and isolated people who are missing out on a vital aspect of their life – practising their faith through worship.

We will use the grant for equipment which will allow us to film services, upload them to the internet for stream and offer DVDs and audio recordings of weekly services to anyone who would benefit.



The project is to deliver the Be A Good Supporter course twice, to two different cohorts, through the Wellness College, in the early part of 2021, through partnership between the local Village Council in Archiestown and Moray Wellbeing Hub, that would strengthen mental wealth of local people in the area at a time when we perceive people may be struggling with mental health issues, not necessarily attached to a specific diagnosis or medical condition, but due to pressures in everyday life caused by the global pandemic. 

This course is peer led with one facilitator living locally who appreciates the benefits of feeling part of the local community and wants to give back.

The ‘Be A Good Supporter’ course introduces basic mental health first aid skills and strategies that people that can use to self-manage their own mental health and/or offer support to others. It would be open and free of charge to anyone in the local area but might be especially of interest to people who provide unpaid care to family, neighbours or friends or otherwise offer support informally or formally through voluntary effort. Costs are reduced as one of the two facilitators lives locally, and will contribute their time on a voluntary basis.


Dufftown Football Club Under 12s       £500

Laptop Fund

The club would like to make an application for funding towards a Laptop. We are a group running free coaching and football for children in the area. The club is run by volunteer parents providing weekly football sessions. As a constituted group the aim is to

  1. Provide a safe fun environment where all local children aged 5-12 are welcome.
  2. Encourage children to take part in physical activity.
  3. Provide a fun focus for children to play together.


Dufftown Community Centre Garden Rejuvenation   £1000

Our project is to rejuvenate the garden at the community centre. We have done some work already, replaced the old fence, purchased new wooden furniture and laid new chips.

We would like to build a purpose built shed with a canopy to store outdoor and sports equipment and to use for BBQs 

The community centre is used by various groups (parent and toddlers, cubs, beavers and scouts, Speyside youth, Dufftown B.A.L.L. group and the small-bore rifle club) they would all benefit from having a shed to store these items as the centre is short on storage space. 

 Although the groups share some items such as sports equipment it would mean that the centre could purchase a BBQ for everyone to use.

It is such a nice area and accessible to all groups 

Whether it’s for the toddlers to run about, cubs to plant seeds BALL group to have a cuppa outside or just to sit in and listen to the wildlife. 

We would be very grateful if you would consider our application.


Knockando Athletic Group Storage Facility    £1000

Due to COVID rulings the group needs to move some of their equipment from the school gym and other places around the school perimeter.  It is proposed to purchase a 20ft side opening storage container that will hold all the items from the gym and school perimeter into this container, as well as the petrol mower we have and use on the school field for both the athletes and school’s benefit.  In addition, because we run successful Scottish Athletics licenced jumps meets for athletes all over the N and NE of Scotland we have had to purchase additional equipment for these as well as other extras due to competition rules under COVID


Knockando Kirk Services on Zoom      £1000

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on the local communities, especially the elderly and frail. In the attempt to maximise their protection from the pandemic, they have become cruelly isolated from an activity that they consider to be essential. Attending religious services, being at peace with God. This project is designed to bring back to them the opportunity to in some way to continue their attendance at church, not physically, but virtually and to give them a chance to maintain contact with, and talk to their fellow attendees.




The Junior section at Rothes offers a complete structure for young golfers from those young ones who have never swung a club, through to the juniors who experience competitive success and even aspire to join the elite ranks in the game. Equally if not more important is the environment that has been created for our young golfers at Rothes, which is one of fun, friendships, respect and responsibility. The kids have great freedom on the course and are encouraged to make friends with children from other villages, look after one another and where possible to get the families involved with golf at Rothes too.  To have a successful and well organised section, there is a need for qualified volunteers to be coached by the PGA to an entry level standard. Currently we have a requirement for a further 2 coaches which will cost around £300 each and that is what our application is for.  These coaches are vital to continue to build upon the strong foundations in the junior section which is after all the future of our local towns and villages as well as Rothes Golf Club


Purchase of a New Printer for the Cottage Visitor Centre Rothes


The Rothes Visitor Centre uses a printer to produce 4 editions of the Rothesian every year (this is a free local newspaper with an annual print run of approximately 3,600 copies). We produce yearly calendars, Christmas cards and many other goods using photographs of our area and including pictures generously donated by local photographers for our use, which are always well received. 

We also regularly print the quarterly Aberlour Church magazine and The Rothes Flower Show schedule. Other groups come to us when they need booklets or other literature printing and we try to keep costs down to allow as many as possible to benefit from the facility. 

The machine we use at present is now well over 6 years old and we have been advised that because of this renewing our service contract could be quite costly. We are also concerned that the quality may deteriorate because of the machines age. Purchasing a newer machine would have the added benefit of cheaper printing costs too giving us a better opportunity to offset the incidental costs like electricity, Wi-Fi etc.



Different factors contribute to falls but muscle weakness and poor balance underlie most falls. Strength training and balance retraining improve both. We run a class in Rothes (pre-covid) on a weekly basis which helps to improve our “strength and balance”. Because we have been unable to meet since March, we have come up with the idea of our instructor making a DVD. Our instructor is an NHS support worker with the physio department, who has been specially trained to work with the elderly. This will then be distributed to our members to help keep our fitness levels up. We will call our project “Exercising with Louise”.



Due to this year’s restrictions our usual Xmas Day Lunch Event cannot be held. So we are delivering a 3 course dinner + gift + small hamper to people within our community, who would not be having a Christmas dinner. This visit will be under current government guidelines and PPE will be worn. However, our volunteers will engage our guests in conversation and assist if required to convey items into property. Not ideal, but no one must be left out at Christmas. 



Maurice Dey is a 73 year-old pensioner with learning disabilities who lives in Archiestown and is supported by Inspire. Due to a change in company policy staff have been advised they are prohibited from using their own cars to support Maurice. There is a lack of public transport in the village which means that Maurice is at risk of being socially isolated. A friend of his has started fundraising to hopefully raise enough money for him to have his own car so that staff can drive him to visit family/friends, go shopping, go out for lunch and attend his weekly clubs in Elgin and monthly Reach Out discos once they resume. Maurice has been overwhelmed by the response from his local community and the whole of Moray and if he received a donation to his fundraising effort, this would bring him that bit nearer to being able to enjoy his latter years and not be isolated from what he loves.


ARCHIESTOWN BALL GROUP                   £329.85


In 2016-2017 AGE Scotland promoted an initiative to encourage activity and community spirit in the elder generation by asking members to submit their weekly pedometer step counts. This, when aggregated and translated to equivalent mileage, enabled the membership to track (walk) the coastline of Scotland.

In 2018 Archiestown BALL Group (ABG) acquired sufficient pedometers to replicate the process, but this time our members walked round the coast of UK and Ireland. At one time we had 90% (approx. 21 individuals) of our membership taking part. In 2019, we then walked round each of the 53 European capitals and even in COVID 2020, we were able to trek our way round the 56 capital cities of Africa. At each destination, one of our members created a pictorial depicting the history and key features of the city and these are shared and displayed around the walls of the village hall for the whole community to see and learn. 

As our last trek saw our participation fall to 9 members, due to failure of the pedometers, we are asking funding for the acquisition of 15 new pedometers to enable the full membership to participate in our next venture to “Walk Round the World”.